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Best Recruitment Process for South Africa Municipality (Essay Sample)


write an essay on Best Recruitment Process for South Africa Municipality.


Best Recruitment Process for South Africa Municipality.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc82525046 \h 3Recruitment process PAGEREF _Toc82525047 \h 3Identify the hiring need or vacancy in the organization. PAGEREF _Toc82525048 \h 3Devise a recruitment plan. PAGEREF _Toc82525049 \h 3Create a written job description for the position. PAGEREF _Toc82525050 \h 3Advertise the position. PAGEREF _Toc82525051 \h 4Review of applications. PAGEREF _Toc82525052 \h 4Interviews. PAGEREF _Toc82525053 \h 4Applicant assessment. PAGEREF _Toc82525054 \h 4Background check. PAGEREF _Toc82525055 \h 5Referees. PAGEREF _Toc82525056 \h 5Job offer. PAGEREF _Toc82525057 \h 5Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc82525058 \h 5References PAGEREF _Toc82525059 \h 6
Recruitment is the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring and bringing onboard employees. The human resource team is tasked with this mandate of ensuring that the human capital is well balanced in an organization or institution. In other words, the human resource team deals with the effective and efficient management of an organization's employees ADDIN EN.CITE Compton200932(Compton, 2009)32326Compton, Robert LEffective recruitment and selection practices2009CCH Australia Limited1921485779(Compton, 2009). The selection team should design a process for recruiting employees that is in line with the organization's goals. The steps in the process should be linked to ensure that all that is needed for a particular position is attained in the recruitment process. It is good practice to look within the organization before advertising the rest of the world. This is called internal recruiting. The advantage of internal recruiting is that the employee already knows the basic working principles of the organization.
Recruitment process
The recruitment process entails all the steps taken to ensure that the right person is brought on board. Avery organization have their process. This depends on the size of the organization and the number of employees in the human resource department. In the case of South Africa Municipality, the following steps will be followed.
Identify the hiring need or vacancy in the organization.
There should be a gap that necessitates hiring. This could be due to increased workload, increased business, or the introduction of a new position that needs to be filled. In some cases, the purchase of new equipment could require skills that are not in the organization. This will create a need to employ somebody to operate the new equipment. As the area of jurisdiction develops for South Africa Municipality, there will be a need to increase revenue collectors and health practitioners to serve the growing population.
Devise a recruitment plan.
Planning is essential as it clearly defines what the team should do at each stage. Without planning, fundamental steps in the process can be omitted. Planning will outlines who does what and at what stage. This ensures that everybody in the recruitment team knows their roles.
Create a written job description for the position.
A job description clearly outlines the roles of an employee ADDIN EN.CITE Mader-Clark201333(Mader-Clark, 2013)33336Mader-Clark, MargieThe job description handbook2013Nolo1413318568(Mader-Clark, 2013). It contains several parts as per the organization's desire. For South Africa Municipality, the following parts will be included in the job description: a job summary, a list of job functions and qualifications for the position.
Advertise the position.
Advertisements start internally. The organization informs its employees of a position to be filled. This is to encourage internal employees who are qualified to apply for the position. If there is no suitable or interested internal employee, the organization then advertises the job to eligible people outside the company. Advertisement is done through newspapers, the organization's website and social media websites.
Review of applications.
The recruitment department receives applications from the applicants. The team has to select from among the applicants the most qualified and shortlist them for interviews. Qualifications like academic background and experience are the key to this selection. The eligible applicants are invited for an interview. The invitation could be through phone calls or email.
An interview is a communication with the prospective employee to know what they can offer to the organization. The applicant is taken through a series of questions to ascertain if he o she is suitable for the position. The interviewing team divides questions among themselves and each question the applicant question for a given area. For instance, in interviewing an accountant, the panel could divide questions as follows:
* Accounting questions.
A member of the panel who is conversant with accounting will interview

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