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Common Myths and Realities of Public Speaking.php (Essay Sample)


The task WAS about common myths and realities of public speaking. There are a lot of myths associated with public speaking. In many ways this task dispel common perceptions of public speaking and may lead you to be more open with yourself and your audience as you prepare and present your speech. You don’t have to be perfect. You should let go off perfection. Knowing areas of improvement and knowing yourself is the first important step. You cannot become a world-class public speaker in one day, it is easier said than done. As a public speaker you should recognize that your listeners want to see you do well so that they can enjoy your presentation. Eliminate distracting habits like “ahhh” and “umm”. Learning to speak in public is more of a journey than a destination and improvement is not an end itself but a process.


Module 10 Exercise
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Public speaking is not like killing lions
Our human bodies have advanced in many different ways in response to stress according to the evolutionary perspective. They predictably prepared us with a gush of adrenaline whenever we needed to run from an animal like a lion hunt or even avoid a snake. Our genes help us to be successful hunters. Even though food is still a big issue in many different parts of the world, our response to stress and treats has changed to concern over relationships and jobs from the evolutionary roots. Communication is now a major resource and also a tool. (Tuastad, S. (2019) Our response to stimulus

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