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Review of Articles Regarding Whistleblower (Essay Sample)


Whistleblower compliant. (2019). Unclassified.
Provided the article above and asked to provide a critique. The critique should revolve around answering the question of defining retaliation in relation to whistleblowing.


Whistleblower Article Critique
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Whistleblower Article Critique
In modern society, where individuals have increasingly tended to use private and public resources to their advantage, whistleblowing has become acceptable. A whistleblower helps fight fraudulent, unsafe, illicit, immoral, or illegal activities within public or private institutions by secretly revealing them to the right channels. There exists a wide range of external and internal channels that these individuals can utilize to communicate allegations or information. Law enforcement, relevant government officials, media, and senior management are examples of platforms where whistleblowers can secretly report ill activities. However, these individuals risk irritating higher figures in their respective organizations. Therefore, the U.S. government has set up several laws that prevent retaliation against individuals who do right by blowing the whistle. However, the

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