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EBooks vs Traditional Books (Essay Sample)


This paper talks about the differences between eBooks and Traditional books

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EBooks versus Traditional Books
There are several differences between EBooks, and Traditional books. The major differences their cost, convenience, and accessibility. Money may not be a priority motive for most individuals in the modern world, but it is good to consider that it is a tool that they can massively leverage to reach a wide variety, and number of readers globally. EBooks are evergreen since the writers are such as aspiring politicians, entrepreneurs, activists, and career professionals, and this means that the content will always be there and accessible to everyone. EBooks have easy bookmarker tabs, and this makes it easier for readers globally to access previous information from sites that provide these books.
EBooks have other advantages that make them better than traditional books. These are auto look up for specific terms, and computer generated highlighter, which helps readers in easy note taking. When making a comparison between eBooks and traditional books, it is important to consider that traditional books have physical bookmarks, permanent highlighting, and physical look-ups of specific terms. With eBook, it is easier to access information, and retain it through bookmarking, computer generated highlighters and effective look up of specific terms.
Traditional books are not easily accessible because they do not have effective highlighting, bookmarking, and lookups. Readers like it when they can easily access urgent information, and the internet provides their solutions faster through eBooks. Online books are easily accessible, and this is because their information is editable, and this is not comparable to traditional books. No matter the goals of readers, easy accessibility of eBooks is one of the strategies of accomplishing multiple educational objectives in the modern world.
When looking at the costs of accessing an eBook from the internet, it is important to consider the cost of buying a traditional book in the modern world. It costs an author nothing to create an eBook, and this is because there are no costs to cover on printing, and so on. At times, Readers also find it easy to deal with eBooks because there are sites that do not charge for accessing these books, and this is not a similar case with traditional books. The growth in the number of titles published online does not show signs of slowing because the availability of online content continues to be more overwhelming.
There are many aspects of looking at the costs of eBooks because it has both advantages, and disadvantages. In some aspect, it is cheap to access, but in another, it is expensive. For readers in the modern world, it is quite cheaper to access eBooks in comparison to accessing traditional books since they spend less on browsing, and do not read the whole book. Sometimes eBooks from specific sites are easily accessible because they provide a synopsis of the whole book, which one can read within few minutes in comparison to traditional books that one has to read several pages to understand its concept.
The cost of sustaining eBooks seem too expensive given that most readers cannot access computers, and do not have knowledge on how to use eBooks. Although there are some people who still prefer using eBooks, there are those that find traditional books more accessible because they do not need computer ownership to access these books, they are inexpensive, and do not have rental options.
Accessibility of eBook makes it more convenient to use in the modern world. The level of technology has made great contributions in improving modern education, and this why students use the internet to do research on their academic work. This improved technology has also made it...
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