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Ethics And Values In Health And Social Care: Negligence Problems (Essay Sample)


this order was mainly focusing on the problems that is facing the healthcare and the problems that arise from NEGLIGENCE.


Ethics and Values in Health and Social Care
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Task 1
In long-term care facilities such as nursing homes, negligence is exemplified when staffs fail to look after themselves as well as residents. Some of the negligence situations that may occur in this setting include poor sanitation and hygiene, which are easily preventable. However, if the issues are not put into consideration, they may lead to poor working environments, illnesses, distress, as well as injuries. In the given scenario, a manager from the head office is complaining about the untidiness that has been witnessed in the staff area, which indicates that there is poor care. Here, caregivers in the nursing home do not observe social justice, human dignity, altruism, autonomy, and integrity as core values in their field of practice (Costello, 2017). Nursing homes' residents suffer from different medical conditions, which may worsen if they are put in unhygienic environments, thus resulting in wreak havoc on their health. Moreover, most of the residents here are elderly and, hence, their immune system is quite weak. Therefore, placing them in an environment that is full of bacteria, viruses, and germs can risk their health. In this case, it is right to say that if the staff area in a nursing home is untidy, it poses a threat to both employees and residents.
As a profession, nursing embraces caring and connecting with people. This is well revealed when nurses are able to exemplify the five professional values which are important in this field. Human dignity, as a core value, provides that nurses should be responsible for the well-being of patients through respecting their autonomy (Costello, 2017). Also, while caring for patients, they should maintain their professional integrity and avoid conflict of interest. By practicing such conducts, they will be able to establish a trustworthy relationship with patients. It is also important for nurses to recognize that if they promote and preserve their own health, caring for their patients will not be a problem. Even though they may face challenges in their line of duty, which may threaten personal integrity, nurses should be able to understand the risk of compromising their honor (Fahrenwald et al., 2005, p.48).
In this setting, altruism is another value that underpins care since it is concerned with the welfare of others. Moreover, it is used when making ethical decisions that are concerned with patients' care. However, altruism is not always translated into practice since it requires one to put other people's needs first, which is sometimes difficult to achieve. Therefore, an altruistic nurse who cares for the rights of patients would risk on behalf of coworkers to clean the staff area. Human dignity is considered a core value which characterizes all aspects of the nursing profession. Therefore, a nurse with human dignity sees the unique desires and needs of patients (Fahrenwalds et al., 2005, p.49). Lastly, social justice tends to be concerned with principles of humanity, legality, and morality. Therefore, it should collectively be practiced by all nurses to ensure that patients receive adequate and quality care.
Task 2
Core values and ethics are behavioral standards that offer a background for evaluating approaches as well as beliefs that influence character. The development of core ethics and values has been influenced by a number of factors, including education, professional experience, as well as culture (Van Schalkwyk, 2012). Educational and professional experiences play a major role in the growth of these values. This is because it makes a difference in their formation as well as influences their instillation and development. Role modeling and teaching are two aspects that strengthen these values. During clinical placements, students learn professional values from their observations or formal education. Therefore, they rely on the creativity of their educator to stimulate elements such as beliefs, attitudes, and emotions. This is because these elements are sometimes taught incidentally since they may not necessarily be in the curriculum. Therefore, students acquire their professional values through clinical experience and educational processes depending on the set standards and norms (Van Schalkwyk, 2012). Even though nursing values can be taught, they can only be internalized through experience during the nursing practice. This aspect differentiates the theoretical part of nursing from implementation. Human dignity manifests in a nurse profession depending on the length of work experience. Thus, lower dignity is mostly exemplified by nurses who have a maximum of two years of experience. Moreover, younger or entry nurses are driven by economic returns as compared to the experienced practitioners.
In the nursing home a scenario occurred where one of the members of the staff refused to clean the room because it was it was inhabited by a gay man because it was against their religion. Different religions have different beliefs and this staff member maybe his/her religion denies them from contacting gay people because maybe they may become gay. Therefore, the administration in this nursing home should not fire the employee or punish him in any of the way. They should promote religious freedom at work. Also, the employer should take a step further and find out whether the reason is genuine or not. If it is found out that it is not true then the employer should take the appropriate action. Therefore, the employer should not make conclusions by himself/herself. For intake the management in this nursing home should not assume that the people from the same religion share the same beliefs. An incident also occurred in the nursing home where an elderly client who has worked in different countries from 1950s-1980s was abusing the black and the Asian staff. The research which was carried out most recently shows that blacks and the Asians are mostly harassed in the place of work. This will create tension at the workplace and therefore the nursing home will not be receiving any of the clients and therefore they will incur very huge loses. The management in this nursing home should investigate these claims and they should come with recommendations. Firstly, the management of the nursing home should treat these racism case according to the policies which have been established. This will greatly help the victims who have been harassed to know that the company can handle such situations. The management should also encourage the employees to be reporting any incident of racism to the relevant authorities.
The management from the head office of the nursing home also complained about untidiness in the staff areas and this will lead to poor care. This can be very dangerous to the patients because there mi...

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