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Freud on Narcissism Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Freud on Narcissism


Freud on Narcissism
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The popular definition of narcissism varies from the undue interest in, or respect for, oneself and one's physical appearance to selfishness, including a sense of superiority, a lack of sympathy, and a need for admiration (Bardi, 2015). Sigmund Freud, however, had much more to say about the subject, and in a very profound manner, too. In reality, Freud dedicated a whole paper, "On Narcissism: An Introduction (1914)," to this subject in which he explained the mechanics and dynamics of narcissism, its connection to libido, and its position in the psychosexual development of a person. According to Freud, during the oral stage of psychosexual development, the ego begins to evolve in infancy (Moran, 2018). During this period, the child is exceptionally egocentric and assumes that he is the center of the universe, perhaps because his mother fulfills almost all of his needs and desires. Yet things shift as he grows up. He begins to understand that decisions do not necessarily go the way he wants and that it's not just about him. His self-centeredness is also starting to diminish.

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