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Mythology: How Is The Word "Myth" Used In The Academic Context? (Essay Sample)


An essay assignment on mythology.


* How is the word myth used popularly?
* For example, what does the statement, "It's a myth" mean?
* In contrast, how is the word myth used in the academic context?
* After considering the definition in your textbooks and course materials, write a definition in your own words
The word myth has been used popularly from time to time in short stories or folktales. These myths have been passed from one generation to another by word of mouth. Myths explain a culture's system values and thoughts. They can be a story of why something exists explaining the origin of a certain cultural practice or natural phenomenon. The statement it's a myth means that the story could be based on fiction but again there could be some truth in it. For example a preacher would tell you that there is hell and sinners would go there while the believers would go to heaven, yet no one has ever been there, no one knows how hell or heaven looks like, but we only have a vivid description of hell being a place of fire that never burns out while heaven is a beautiful and peaceful place full of gold and angels playing good music. We really don't know if these two really exist. In contrast, myths are used as ancient narratives that attempt to answer fundamental questions of life such as how the universe came to be, who we really are and our purpose in the academic context. It analyzes different cultures and their way of thinking. My definition of a myth is an exaggerated and imaginary collection of ideas that form a story to explain the origin of something or why certain natural phenomena occur.
The creation of mankind is the most common mythological theme across different cultures. The Creation myth cuts across all cultures, we have al

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