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Self-Concept - An Image Of Who You Are And A Collection Of Beliefs (Essay Sample)


It was a self-concept assignment. One was required to write an essay.

Self-concept - An Image of who you are, refers to a collection of beliefs about oneself and it stems from four sources They include: Comparison with others, Image of you from other people, Cultural teachings, Self -Evaluation. * Comparison with others We are all raised in a society that teaches us to compare ourselves with others. Even parents can use that comparison to control the behavior of their kids. A good example would be my parents comparing my grades with those of my siblings, Beauty Queens in school being more pretty and popular compared to the other students, Peer groups formed based on those with better qualities and lastly the media shows us how we should look, think and be like – the Superstars and celebrities leading to people going for plastic surgeries just to have a nose like so and so, lips etc. Comparing myself with others can lead me to being blind to my own value dismissing the real worth I have on myself. The human connectedness can feel severed and we can be left alone. This can lead to self-exile because I would feel I am not worth and want to hide from people as much as possible. On the other hand, it could lead to superiority and contempt because I would feel better than other people hence I would not want to connect with someone beneath me. In the same way, the human connectedness can be lost and again, one is alone in his/her superiority. Comparison is a choice and can be unlearned once we realize that we hurt ourselves by doing so. * Image of You from other People. People tend to make assumptions about someone and these assumptions sometimes can be wrong or right depending on how well they know that person or the level of interaction. Some assumptions can be based on a past experience with that person, the age, Gender, what you look like and lastly what you wear. All those can be used to place judgment on someone. For example; if I have given off the impression– that am a bit aloof. Someone gets the impression that I am a distant and cold person and simply buying them a cup of coffee and smiling a little bit more is really not going to change that impression. Because one of the things we know about the brain is that it’s very, very good at either ignoring or reinterpreting things in order to be consistent with what it already thinks is true. So one would think am buying that coffee because I want a favor or something from them which is wrong. * Cultural Teachings Our self-concept develops throughout our lives and it can be changed if our beliefs and surroundings are altered in a way or another. Moving from one place to another can get you to a different culture where you have to acculturate yourself so as to fit there. Being in a new territory means adjusting your ideologies towards people and adopting an understanding that shows you that all cultures and races of people are equal. * Self-Evaluation Comparing yourself with others is a great tool to learn about yourself which can enable you to develop your own self-concept. One has the ability to develop self-confidence through that. A good example would be being tallest among your peers so exceling in sports like basketball would be an advantage. The factor that influenced me most as a preteen was comparison with others. Wanting to be more like my friends was part of me growing up. I felt peer influence which is very common for preteens so that I could have that sense of belonging among my peers. How I would dress, doing risky things or breaking rules just to be cool like somebody else, changing my way of talking and the words I would use or watching my weight because I would not want to be fat because being slender w...
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