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The Main Cause Of Employee Job Hopping In The Current Millennium (Essay Sample)


A - page essay on the topic millennial


Why Millennials are Job-Hopping
Azat Muhammedov
Monroe College
Employee retention is a determinant factor of an organization's successful operations in the market place. Managers focus on retaining their employees especially those who have worked with the organization for more than six months. A period of six months is the average time for an employee to understand the setting of a company. There are more talented and experienced employees who have spent more years with the organization and thus managers cannot risk losing such employees. However, employee retention and loyalty is based on their satisfaction. Thus, employee satisfaction is important as is customer satisfaction. Failure to achieve employee satisfaction result in employees hopping to new jobs that they consider better. On the other, technological advancements provide opportunities for employees to interact with new technologies. Employees acquire new technological skills through perhaps being educated on the new technologies that will be used in their respective firms. This implies that there are possibilities that employees may job-hop from organizations that operate based on “outdated” technologies since they provide little or no learning experiences in the new technology.
This case study will focus to determine the main cause of employee job hopping in the current millennium, is it due to job dissatisfaction or their love for technology?
Job Hopping due to Dissatisfaction
As earlier stated, employee satisfaction is a determinant factor of an organization's success. High levels of employee satisfaction lead to high employee retention rate high loyalty levels. It also gives opportunities to employees to develop their professional talents and gain more skills in their respective fields of profession. Reasons that may cause employee dissatisfaction at the working place are:

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