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Orson Welles’ ‘Failure to Fit In’ and The Mythologies in Hollywood (Essay Sample)


Literature analysis abt Orson welles


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Topic: Orson Welles’ ‘Failure to Fit In’ and The Mythologies in Hollywood
The film industry has for the longest time survived the struggles that come with political economical and social changes. The years following the 20th century marked some of these shifts and turns in the global stability, and as a result, the ramifications were inevitable. Regardless of the challenges that befell Hollywood at the time, it was also a time for great success and triumph especially for producers, actors, directors and writers alike. However, it was a period established by myths met on the industry’s growth, both for the personalities and itself (Bernstein, 23). It is not surprising, therefore, that for a man born with many talents such as Orson Welles to make it in Hollywood during the era. Nevertheless, his success followed a downfall unlike any other, among those of the golden age and with it mythologies of his plight were soon to follow. The Wellesian mythology is postured on the aspects of ‘he said, she said’ which has affected in a negative perspective the history behind Orson Welles and the Hollywood studio system. While Orson Wells was an acclaimed actor, director, producer, and writer, critics have tainted his image within the Hollywood studio system as a failure who did not fit in.

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