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Reflection on Alternative School Realities - "Teach me but Nice" (Essay Sample)


The work entails watching the documentary "Teach me but nice" (at least the first 25 minutes) and then expressing my opinion on the various school realities portrayed, including points for and against, new recommendations, adjustments, and so on. The reflection provides my viewpoint on the described school reality, highlighting alternatives to standard learning approaches for a variety of educational experiences, as well as new suggestions and improvements.


Reflection on Alternative School Realities - "Teach me but Nice"
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Reflection on Alternative School Realities - "Teach me but Nice"
The documentary, "Teach me but nice", is an essential tool for instructors to integrate their skills and knowledge, and it gives an improved educational experience to students. The focus is on how education is facilitated in the country, its means to be seen by tutors; which is not an impediment to also demonstrate to students, which can lead them to think about the knowledge they get, and to create an opinion based on the practices that happen in class. The reflection expresses my perspective on the school realities depicted, highlighting alternatives to traditional learning methods for diverse educational experiences as well as fresh recommendations and modifications.

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