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Workplace Masculinity in ICT Offices (Essay Sample)


This paper was meant to establish the role played by a person's gender in their professional spaces. most jobs are often viewed as male or female-oriented, based on the responsibilities involved. this perception leads to discrimination, which might affect the employee's work morale, undermining the organizational performance.


Workplace Masculinity in ICT Officers
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Workplace Masculinity in ICT Offices
Gender-based violence remains a significant concern that should be addressed to ensure that there is a peaceful coexistence that does not undermine another gender’s rights. The masculine gender has often been viewed as the dominant party that always enjoy power privileges and other premium treatments in terms of promotions and favorable working environments. The workplace defines an individual’s daily social activities since an employee always interacts with clients and colleagues directly or indirectly. From the information systems’ perspective, the effectiveness of socio-cultural systems is usually determined by the satisfactory levels of employees at various departments.
The information age has significantly accelerated interactions between business entities and their loyal clients through convenient feedback platforms that help organizations enhance service efficiency and customer satisfaction. However, this issue has not been addressed effectively at the organizational level since most female employees always share their plight concerning their desire to be involved in major decision-making processes. Organizational decision-making is usually determined by input from various individuals with vital influence within the company in terms of their ranks in the company.
Masculinity theories have often been deployed as the most effective approach for handling the slightest issues that arise within the company. These theories seek to enforce dominance by intimidating their feminine counterparts, who are often viewed as the inferior parties. For instance, the deployment of teams to install network systems is always considered risky affairs that require a masculine approach due to the nature of work involved and security of the equipment used. This implies that female employees can hardly be deployed for fieldwork tasks that involve the handling of vital organizational assets.

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