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Sample 2 Pilgrimage Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


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Pilgrimage can be defined a journey made in order to realize some spiritual significance. The people who go on search journeys are called pilgrims. Pilgrims visit different places, mostly based on their religion. These places are believed to have some religious significance, such as the birthplace of a god or the death place of one (Sood, 1). Pilgrimage allows a person time away from their daily activities in order to focus or spiritual growth. However, pilgrims benefit more than just spiritual growth while on pilgrimage. These benefits include sightseeing as well as meeting new people and learning from them. Before going on a pilgrimage, one needs to make a number of preparations. The pilgrim also needs to do a few things while on the pilgrimage in order to realize the objectives of the journey.
1 What inner conversion do you desire?
Pilgrimage is an effective way of attaining inner conversion. This is a change that comes from within a person. Personally, I desire purity of mind and character. This kind of purity is evident by having positive emotions and character. It is the release of one from negative emotion such as hatred, jealousy, greed, deceit, anger, and violence, among others. I desire to exude pure and natural emotions. These include love, piety, compassion, and pity (Harbans, 1). These emotions ensure positive growth in a person. These are just a few examples of the inner change that I desire.
Having this change will help me a lot in my day to day growth. For instance, I will be able to have a better character than I currently have. This will be evident by how I relate with my family, friends, neighbors and schoolmates. On a spiritual level, the change in purity and character will help me serve God in a better way that in acceptable before Him. By having this inner conversion, I can serve God earnestly with all my heart. This will help me to in turn serve my community more in a number of ways. For example, I can influence my peers to adopt my positive character, thus reducing cases of teenage violence and drug abuse.

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