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Should Collage students be involved into institutional administrative making decision process? (Essay Sample)


Final Essay for English Composition 2 class , no reference are really necessary


Should College Students Be Involved into Institutional Administrative Decision Making Process?
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Should College Students Be Involved into Institutional Administrative Decision Making Process?
College administrative decision making is very important as it affects varied stakeholders. In this regard, institutions do involve different kinds of parties in this process. One of the stakeholders that have faced debates of whether they should participate in administrative decision making or not is students. While those for their involvement contend that it ensures effective implementation of decisions, those against it argue that students are minor and should remain passive but take instructions from adults. Therefore, college students should be fully involved in institutional administrative decision making because it makes changes accepted effectively, ensures that they feel part and parcel of colleges, and prevents them from strikes by inculcating discipline.
Students should be involved in the administrative decision making process in colleges to ensureeffective implementation of decisions. Some issues such as course evaluation directly affect these stakeholders. Thus, it indicates the need for students’ full involvement. Many decisions in colleges introduce changes in the way institutions are run or processes that take place. Like in any other organizations, these transformations face resistance from stakeholders if not properly managed. One of the ways of implementing changes effectively is the involvement of all parties in the process. In this regard, the latter begins with decision making. The failure to engage students in administrative decision making leads to problems in planning and introducing college goals. When students participate in administrative processes, they become fully aware of the reasons why decisions have been made and benefits that these will provide to colleges. As a result, they embrace changes.
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