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The Handmaid'sTale thinking Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Read pp.
128-9 of The Handmaid’s Tale where Offred is in the birth mobile, and consider her representations of
women’s bodies in this scene: do these representations challenge Gilead’s patriarchal beliefs, or does
Offred accepts and reproduce patriarchal ideologies about the female body here?


The Handmaid' stale thinking
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The Handmaid' stale thinking
The Gilead patriarchal belief designs the society into an order that define women as subservient. Offred's life becomes restrictive, and she gets angry about the condition. However, she is torn between two ideologies. While pre-Gilead offered a matriarchal society where women operated equally as men, it upsets the cosmic order (Bouson, 2010). According to her Aunt Lydia, the distraction of the social order would undermine women space and safety in the society putting in constant lane of competition with men. In the same light, the Handmaids tale appears to reveal the thoughts of women concerning the Gilead ideology. In particular, Offred representation of women's bodies in the scene of birth mobile strives to challenge Gilead's patriarchal beliefs but agrees to be a subject of man.

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