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Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


Sample: an analysis of the shortage of nurses as a pertinent healthcare issue


Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue
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Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue
Presently, the healthcare system faces a significant number of pertinent issues, and the most notable one is the shortage of nurses. In any healthcare facility, it is the responsibility of the management to ensure that they recognize the challenges of the facility, such as staff shortages, and establish solutions to avert the negative impact on care delivery (Auerbach et al., 2018). Therefore, increased workloads in healthcare institutions need to be addressed to decrease nurses' high turnover rates because of their inability to deal with augmented workloads due to shortages. In this respect, an analysis of the shortage of nurses as a pertinent healthcare issue is imperative to clearly understand the issue in healthcare organizations and strategies to solve it.
Health Issue
The shortage of primary care professionals resulted in surged workloads in healthcare facilities. This shortage is attributed to the failure of healthcare facilities to hire more nurses, the surge in healthcare services demand, increased population, slow replacement of retired nurses, and rise in nurses' responsibilities and duties (Pittman & Scully-Russ, 2016). In different departments in my organization, the nurse ratio to patients rose from 1:4 to about 1:8, which led to increased workload among the nurses. In addition, it is approximated that there is a rise in patients who need care weekly, and the number is about 200 patients each week. In this respect, there is an increased workload because of the shortage of nurses in the facility.
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