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Relationship Between Effective Pain Management and Patient Recovery (Essay Sample)


the task was on patient care and the sample is about The Possible Relationship Between Effective Pain Management and Patients’ Recovery


The Possible Relationship Between Effective Pain Management and Patient Recovery
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The Possible Relationship Between Effective Pain Management and Patients’ Recovery
Pain has a profound impact on the life and performance of an individual. In this sense, it is important to develop efficient strategies for mitigating the discomfort caused by pain to facilitate the full recovery of a patient, especially after medical surgery. Imperatively, cognitive, sociocultural, and physiological factors play a vital role in determining significant aspects of pain management under the acute care setting. Towards that end, establishing effective approaches for managing pain has a high probability of improving the healing process among patients.
The process of healing a wound after surgery, especially on the cardiovascular and renal system can be very integral to patient recuperation. As Echeverria-Villalobos et al. (2020) note, surgery tends to suppress innate immunity resulting in a pressure imbalance, which causes acute pain. Failure to manage the server agony may lead to the development of a health condition such as cardiac ischemia. On the contrary, facilitating effectual nursing care for patients is a fundamental step in pain control because it helps to reduce the chances of morbidity and mortality within the acute care setting. Precisely, it prevents the patient from developing complications such as deep vein thrombosis and chronic pain.

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