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Analyzing the Immigration Journal (Essay Sample)


in this task, students were asked to choose an article to write a journal about an issue in society. The student chose immigration and an article was sought. the student was then required to connect the issue to their role of advocacy as practitioners.


Immigration Journal
Student’s Name
Immigration Journal
Over the years, the disruption of Afghanistan by political forces has brought terror to the lives of the people. The US forces entered Afghanistan two decades ago to seize the operations of the Taliban movement that was characterized by extremist rules. The Americans have faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive strategy to overthrow the group (Maley, 2021). This was especially since leaders shifted their attention to Iraq at the expense of the Afghan operations. Considering how sustaining progress is vital to winning such a war, the US eventually agreed to withdraw its troops from the country as it expressed faith in the Afghan government to maintain control. However, the Taliban movement eventually took control of the country overthrowing the democratic government and fearing that their reign would be as brutal as it was twenty years ago, most Afghans now want to be evacuated.
In the article, “Expedited Visas for Vulnerable Afghans? Many Have Been Waiting for Years,” Kelly Kimball and Robbie Gramer explore how the application process for asylum and refugee resettlement by Afghans who want to flee from the country is tedious and challenging. Ever since the Taliban fighters took control of the capital and the collapse of their government, many people now fear that they will be trapped in a brutal reign. However, there is a huge challenge of resettling these refugees and most people now fault the US government for failing to anticipate and plan. The officials said that they will help the Afghans obtain special immigrant visas (SIVs) which will help persons who assisted the US military (Kimball & Gramer, 2021). In addition, the country is expanding its refugee access by including other Afghans who worked for programs and non-profits associated with the Americans. Already, there are about 18,000 persons who have applied for SIVs, and considering that people are traveling with their families, the actual number could be 80,000 cases (Kimball & Gramer, 2021). Less than 10,000 people have been evacuated so far.

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