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Importance of Coral Reefs (Essay Sample)


A coral reef is a plant found in the sea, the deposit and growth of coral form a ridge of rock called the coral reef.


Importance of Coral Reefs
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Importance of Coral Reefs
A coral reef is a plant found in the sea, the deposit and growth of coral form a ridge of rock called the coral reef. They are significant in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem and can also be referred to as rain forests of the sea. The coral reefs form a small island that is similar to undersea cities. Coral reefs are divided into three broad categories: fringing, barrier, and atolls. Most people don't see the importance of coral reefs, and therefore, they are slowly disappearing.
The barrier coral reefs grow at the shores of the sea; hence they play a significant role in blocking the shoreline from storms and surge water. Additionally, the barrier coral reefs reduce the water currents during a storm. There are mangrove trees and seagrass beds that grow at the shores. When the water currents are reduced, this prevents them from being uprooted. According to Zhao et al. (2019), when there is a mortality of coral reefs, the coastline will be washed away by the water currents that cause erosion of sand at the coastline. Moreover, coral reefs have roots that hold sand particles together at the shores, which prevent soil erosion.
A Coral reef is the foundation of the seafood chain. Most of the herbivores fish in the sea depend on coral reefs as food to sustain them, after which sizeable predatory fish feed on them too. Apart from food, they also protect sea animals from small fish, lobsters, octopuses, sea turtles, and dolphins. Significantly coral reefs ensure that balance is attained among predators, prey, and organisms as they compete for the same resources. Also, with the sponges that the coral reefs have they act as filter feeders. When we find the shore clear and have good water visibility, it has been made possible by the coral reefs.
Moreover, coral reefs are a tourist attraction that contributes significantly to the economy of a country. When coral reefs are a habitat for sea animals, they become filled with colorful fish, intricate formations, and wondrous creatures. Tourists are attracted by adventure and exploration, so most tourists come to dive in the water to explore the beautiful scenarios of coral reefs. Tourists uplift a country's economy since they pay for accommodation and all the leis

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