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Challenges Facing Public Bodies in Changing Times (Essay Sample)


The task requires the a brief explanation on the challenges Facing Public Bodies and government in changing times by focusing on their management and GOVERNANCE That is WHAT the sample is all about.


Challenges Facing Public Bodies and Government in Changing Times in
Terms of Management and Governance
Student’s Name
Challenges Facing Public Bodies and Government in Changing Times in
Terms of Management and Governance
In today's world, public organizations aim at moving from the traditional administration and forms of governance and embrace public management. However, there are various challenges that they encounter while transforming and adjusting to the changes. Some of the challenges that the public sectors face include difficulties in networking, charges, and management efficiency and governance. As Bryson et al. (2014) assert, public bodies and the government encounter challenges in administration and strategies to incorporate the emerging trends. Besides, the challenges aim to renew their attention and ensure they retain the public value and acquire prominence in their service delivery. Practical public values in the management of the sector offer reliable services and emphasize collaborative governance. Therefore, it is essential to explore some of the challenges that affect service delivery to the public; they include advancement in technology, recent reforms, lack of strategic planning, transformation in operations, and inadequate capabilities.
Advancement in Technology
The recent advancement in technology and the blockchain advancement in the public sector and the government impacts their performance and service delivery. Blockchain technology challenges the sectors by the difficulties they encounter in recording transactions and distribution of ledgers. According to Batubara et al. (2018), the lack of insufficient knowledge about the technology hinders the government and public bodies when changing to the latest performance forms. However, if properly utilized, the application can promote transparency, prevent fraudulent activities, and initiate confidence in public sectors. Due to a lack of relevant information, the entities are still encountering challenges while adapting to the latest blockchain technology. Lack of adopting blockchain technology in the public and government entities hinders their introduction, which limits their security, scalability and leads to low flexibility. Besides, the adoption of technology in changing times is limited by new governance and lack of legal and executive support. The recent reforms have challenged service delivery in public bodies and the government.
Recent Reforms
Public sectors and government face reforms in corporate governance in the arrangement of policy agendas. The recent reforms in public sectors seek to introduce new forms of analyzing the data and offer better services—however, lack of skills limits their use and service delivery in digital transformation. Previously, the reforms in public and government sectors during the changing times focused on improving citizens' knowledge by boosting the economy and businesses. The administration pushes to have machine learning in improving the algorithms and enhancing daily operational decisions (Veale & Brass 2019). The drivers of the recent reforms in the sectors face challenges since the operators do not have the necessary skills to embrace the techniques. Lack of know-how in applying the reforms in the public sector has led to more public sector challenges in decision-making and management. When the reforms are appropriately enacted, they can lead to high-value service delivery and standardization of the government policies and the public sectors in changing times and their power to adopt strategic planning.
Strategic Planning
Lack of strategic planning in public bodies and the government in changing times impacts their mission and threatens their success. According to Leskaj (2017), governance and implementation of services in public entities without strategic planning influence the entities' mission. Managers in public organizations who fail to apply strategic planning in their service delivery and decision-making do not provide essential services, limiting their excellence in challenging times. Besides, strategic planning is vital in guaranteeing the government and public organizations about achieving their goals and objectives. Public bodies and the government face challenges in adopting strategic planning due to the organizations' poor management. The managers and involved parties fail during the strategy-making process, implementation stages, and assessing their problems. Poor strategic planning, assessment, and implementation impact service delivery to the clients and citizens. The government and public organizations are facing tough times in changing times to transform their operation.
Transformation in Operations
In today's world, public firms and the government face challenges in complex systems of their operations due to the constant changes. The progress and transformation of operations impact service delivery in organizations and public sectors due to pressure from the external and internal forces. However, the public entities hold their governance system accountable for the challenges they undergo and various alterations, as Leach (n.d) discusses. Even though some people might think that the government and public sectors are at the forefront to adjust to the changes in transformation, it may take time and impact their performance and service delivery. Challenges relating to the transformation of operations influence the organization's administration and governance on how they respond to the environment, clients, and regulators. Conversely, most of the challenges that face public firms and the government influence them to accept the changes and reform the society. Besides, the public and government entities do not have enough skilled professionals in the administration departments.
Inadequate Capabilities
Meanwhile, public sectors and government entities are facing administration challenges that hinder their functions and service delivery. The entities have complex administration challenges due to a lack of efficient personnel to offer effective services and solve the existing challenges. Therefore, disciples dealing with public administration requires to produce graduates with the necessary skills in the labor market, competency, and the capability to deliver services. Similarly, challenges that affect the public and government sectors address whether learning institutions can deliver knowledge in the disciplines and produce skillful individuals (Uwizeyimana 2017). Lack of people with adequate capabilities is a challenge that has affected most public entities and the government forces du

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