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Can DNA Beat Aging. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


The instructions provided for the writer come up with an argumentative essay on whether DNA Can DNA Beat Aging. As required in argumentative essays, the sample provided included an introduction section with a thesis statement, which did not support the topic. All the subsequent paragraphs supported the position held by the writer and proved how DNA cannot beat ageing. the conclusion summarized the main points and restated the thesis statement. The paper is also in spa 7.


Can DNA Beat Aging
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Can DNA Beat Aging
Aging is a biological process that results in a gradual loss of physiological integrity due to the waning of functional properties in humans and organisms. One of the primary aspects associated with aging is mitochondrial dysfunction, and the amassing of genetic damage as individuals grow older. In actuality, the defective preserve of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA plays an essential role in the aging process. As people become older, the integrity and constancy of DNA are defied by exogenous physical, chemical, or biological agents, besides endogenous progressions, such as DNA replication faults, unprompted hydrolytic responses, and responsive oxygen sort. Although genetic material repair systems have developed a complex network that responds to these damages, their adeptness declines with age, which implies that DNA change cannot beat aging.
The aging process and DNA variations are closely related. First, aging in humans is a natural process resulting from the accumulation of cellular damage. Second, the progression is characterized by numerous aspects such as genomic unsteadiness, telomere abrasion, epigenetic changes, cellular senescence, mitochondrial dysfunction, and transformed intercellular communication, among others. 

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