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Care Coordination Plan for Patients Following Myocardial Infarction (Essay Sample)


In this assignment, you will evaluate the preliminary care coordination plan for patients following myocardial infarction and communicate the plan in a professional, culturally sensitive, and ethical manner. Instructions Note: For this assignment: Evaluate the comprehensive care coordination plan based on evidence-based practice. Document Format and Length Your final plan should be a scholarly APA formatted paper, 5–7 pages in length, not including title page and reference list. Supporting Evidence Support your care coordination plan with peer-reviewed articles, course study resources, and Healthy People 2030 resources. Cite at least three credible sources. Grading Requirements The requirements, outlined below, correspond to the grading criteria in the Final Care Coordination Plan Scoring Guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed. 1. Design patient-centered health interventions and timelines for a selected health care problem - Address three patient health care issues. - Design an intervention for each health issue. - Identify three community resources for each health intervention. 2. Consider the ethical decisions in designing patient-centered health interventions. - Consider the practical effects of specific decisions. - Include the ethical questions that generate uncertainty about the decisions you have made. 3. Identify relevant health policy implications for the coordination and continuum of care. - Cite specific health policy provisions. 4. Describe the priorities that a care coordinator would establish when discussing the plan with a patient and family members, making changes based upon evidence-based practice. - Clearly explain the need for the changes to the plan. 5. Use the literature on evaluation as a guide to compare learning session content with best practices, including how to align teaching sessions to the Healthy People 2030 document. - Use the literature on evaluation as a guide to compare learning session content with best practices.


Care Coordination Plan for Patients Following Myocardial Infarction
Myocardial infarction is a condition that occurs when the heart of a patient does not get enough oxygen. It usually occurs when the blood flowing to the heart is blocked, resulting in a heart attack. Moreover, care coordination entails deliberately organizing and sharing the data that demonstrates the activities of a patient with other participants involved in the efforts to archive effective and safer care for the patient. It guarantees a reconciliation of the care that addresses the issue by depending on the arrangement of recuperation engaged and shared administrations to associate individuals to healthcare administrations (Manos et al., 2016). Therefore, the paper will evaluate the preliminary care coordination plan for patients following myocardial infarction. It will focus on presenting the plan professionally, culturally sensitive, and ethically.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, myocardial infarction and other related coronary heart diseases are among the top causes of death in the United States (Dharmarajan, 2015). After menopause, the rate of heart disease in women increases and rivals that of men, which usually leads to myocardial infarction. An essential need for care coordination is the administration of chronically wiped out patients. It tests the sickness to individual personality, social relations modification, and vulnerability formation. It is much more stressful since an impact on one circle of life may influence the other. The care for a patient suspected of suffering from myocardial infarction should be their comfort, and intravenous safety access must be available for the effective administration of emergency drug therapy followed by rapid transfer to an area with high supervision and resuscitation facilities.
Patient-centered health interventions and timelines
Myocardial infarction is a medical emergency in which blood supply to the heart is suddenly and severely reduced or cut off, causing the muscle to die from lack of oxygen. It is also related to other health issues that might be the first symptom of coronary artery disease. The condition can be severe enough to cause death, or it may be silent (Dharmarajan, 2015). The symptoms portrayed by a patient suffering from myocardial infarction include pain and pressure in the chest and other upper body parts that come from time to time. A patient might also experience shortness of breath, abnormal heart beating, anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, and joint weakness (Escajeda, Katz & Rittenberger, 2015).
Administer oxygen along with medication therapy to

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