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Diet and Blood Pressure (Essay Sample)


varying blood pressures are hugely influenced by the type of diet that individuals take. write a 300 word discussion/ essay illustrating the relationship of diet, electrolytes and blood pressure. be sure to cite the information you obtain from other sources. have a cover page and a page for references.


Diet and Blood Pressure
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Diet and Blood Pressure
The balance between potassium and sodium in the body is crucial. Without the balance, the body's normal physiology in terms of fluid balance will be adversely interfered with. (Vasudevan & Vaidyanathan, 2017), sodium is an extracellular cation, while potassium is an intracellular cation. There is a pump called Na+-K+ ATPase pump to ensure a balance between the two. Two can not be in bulk in the extracellular fluid, mainly at the nephrons. Increased sodium levels in the body result in increased fluid retention in the body through osmosis.
Therefore, with increased retention of fluid in the body, the blood volume will be elevated. Thus, the cardiac output will 

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