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Ebola: How People Can Get Infected,Incubation Period And Symptoms & Vaccines (Essay Sample)


it is Ebola article summary. it is devided into introduction, 3 paragraphs and conclusion. the first paragraph is about descriptions and how people can get infected. the second one is about the incubation period and symptoms. and the last one is about vaccines. conclusion is about the consequences.


Ebola is a severe, acute disease caused by the EVD virus. A rare but extremely dangerous illness. It affects not only humans but also primates. The first epidemic occasion was highlighted in Central Africa, mortality ranged from 25 to 90% (50% on average). After that, scientists confirmed the second outbreak in South Sudan (current Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1976.
The sickness affects humans, some other primates, and artiodactyls (in particular, cases of pigs and duikers have been confirmed). The EVD spread through the blood of a sick person or animal. You can become infected not only through direct contact with the patient, but also through objects recently contaminated with biological fluids. Scientists assume that the original hosts of EVD were fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family. In addition, there are rare cases of recurrence of fever in a recovered individual because of increased replication of the virus remaining in any organ of their body. Nevertheless, there were some occasions where people got it in laboratory conditions. In all cases, one person was infected. First case occurred in the UK in 1976 (patient survived), one case occurred in Côte d'Ivoire in 1994 (patient survived).
The incubation period continuous from two to twenty-one days. An Ebola-infected person cannot spread the disease until symptoms are detected. It may occur suddenly and involve some signs as pyrexia, muscle pain, weakness, strong headache and sore throat. In some ways, internal and external bleeding might occur. It usually starts five to seven days after the first symptoms. Recovery might begin between 7 and 14 days. If the disease leads to death, then it occurs, as a rule, 6-16 days after the onset of symptoms, often due to hypovolemic shock. Generally, bleeding obviously indicates a worse prognosis, and blood loss can be fatal. Patients often stay in a coma before death.
An experimental Ebola vaccine demonstra

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