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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Teleworkers versus On-Site Workers (Essay Sample)


Assignment brief:
The workplace is evolving in regard to where employees are physically located.
For this discussion, adhere to the FEM guidelines as you complete the following:
Research and provide insight into the pros and cons of having teleworkers.
Analyze in which settings teleworkers would be appropriate.
Identify settings in which teleworkers might be less appropriate.
Describe how you would manage teleworkers differently from on-site employees.
Include at least one academic reference in your post. Use current APA style and formatting appropriate to the type of reference you provide.


Teleworkers Versus On-Site Workers
Teleworkers Versus On-Site Workers
The healthcare system has dramatically evolved over the years to provide cheap affordable healthcare services while still ensuring the quality of service. In recent years, the increased economic stress due to pandemics and disease outbreaks has prompted the exploitation of teleworking  (Bodjona, Gueyie, & Magnangou, 2021).
Having teleworkers in the healthcare system offers various advantages. Telework has the ability, in some instances, to the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare organizations. Efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved by avoiding hurdles such as employee delays caused by commute, reducing office distractions,

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