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Priority Classifications and Agents of Bioterrorism (Essay Sample)


instructions were to write an essay on bio-terrorism. provide category classification from the highest priority to the lowest. finally, provide an example of a disease that can be used in bio-terrorism, how the disease can be infected and treated. the instruction included the paper to written in APA 6th edition.


Bioterrorism is a form of terrorism attack where there is an intentional release of toxins, fungi, insect, viruses, or bacteria or other germs, which can sicken or kill crops, livestock, or individuals (Morse, 2012). For instance, Bacillus anthracis, is a bacterium that causes anthrax and is one of the most likely agents to be used in a biological attack CITATION Sta19 \l 1033 (State of Hawaii, Department of Health, 2019).
Bioterrorism agents are divided into three categories, depending on the severity of illness and how easily they can spread (Morse, 2012). Category A, are high-priority agents that include toxins or organisms that pose the highest risk to the public and national security (Morse, 2012). They include Viral hemorrhagic fevers, Tularemia, Smallpox, Plague, Botulism, and Anthrax (Morse, 2012). Category B, these are the second highest priority agents. They require certain enhancements of CDC’s diagnostic capacity and enhancement of disease surveillance, result in low mortality rates and modern morbidity rates, and are temperately easy to spread (Morse, 2012). They include, Typhus fever, Staphylococcal enterotoxin B, Ricin toxin, Q fever, Psittacosis, Melioidosis, Glanders, food safety threats, and Brucellosis (Morse, 2012). Category C, these are 

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