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Conversation Project (Essay Sample)

Nursing conversation project and a reflection of the conversation project source..
Conversation Project Name Institutional Affiliations Conversation Project To the Partner of my life, I was thinking of what will happen to you, my close relatives, friends, and children towards the end of life. I am quite devastated that my end of life may come soon than we had thought. The reason as to why I bring this topic exactly at this moment is to prepare you, and our children to be ready to face the heartbreaking news ahead. There is the need for us to put in place measures that will make the family financially stable before my end. Given that we are financially un-stable keeps me worried every single day of my life. I strongly believe that this is the best time to think of your future and that of our generation. For the past three weeks, I have been thinking of what happened to our close friend (Kimberley). This has instituted a feeling of preparation in my mind. Every single moment I think about this fact, I feel that the end may come soon than it is supposed. I have prioritized this topic because I want to make sure that you are prepared to handle the disappointments, and anxiety that will come when I will have gone. What matters to me at the end of life is my quality life, my kids, my husband’s well-being, and able to say goodbye if possible. I also want to ensure that you are financially stable, as it will play a vital role in making me settle where I will be. My dear partner, kindly note that I would like you to be happy always. It will contribute to my happiness too. I want you to enjoy your life, even if it means getting another partner after my death. Life is too short, and therefore, despite my end, life must go on. Always remember to abide by my request of remaining mentally stable. When you make the decisions for me, always remember that the quality of my life should come fast that the quantity. I do not want to suffer from any kind of pain. I would like to enjoy my remaining days of life with you as much as we can. Lastly, towards the last days of my life, I would like to be surrounded by my loved ones to care for me. Reflection While completing the starter kit, I felt so much disappointed, heartbroken, and anxious about how long I still have to live. The disappointment and heartbreaks came in place, especially when thinking about how my partner will feel after listening to these words. I was anxious especially when I mentioned: "I am quite devastated that my end of life may come soon than we had thought.” I really wanted to know how long I still have to live with my partner before this time. In initiating the conversation expressing my wishes, I felt quite satisfied and relieved from the anxiety. I realized that my wishes in the letter were to ensure the financial stability of my family, mental stability, love of my family. In the synthesis of the wishes into ideal situations, I realized that I still have much longer time to live that I thought before. My partner felt disappointed in listening to the wishes. At times, he stopped me in anger and surprise as to why I would think of the end of life. The partner felt heartbroken and unsatisfied with my wishes. He wished for a way he could recycle or revert the early days so that I could have stayed longer. It was not easy to initiate the reading process of the letter, especially after mentioning the end of life. The disappointment, furious, and anger of my partner would not allow me to...
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