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Data Collection Questionnaire in Healthcare Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


Apply the skills and tools necessary to deal with behavior and change in a healthcare organization


Data Collection Questionnaire in Healthcare
Data Collection Questionnaire in Healthcare
The introduction of health information systems to collect data in health care institutions promises quality and safer care. Despite the promise, installing and maintaining information systems in health care institutions is costly and plagued by inefficiencies. The inefficiencies inherent to health information technologies as a result of multi-user interactions necessitate an evaluation of the effectiveness of these systems in diverse contexts. One of the tools used to begin addressing behavior and change in most health contexts is the survey tool. The Life IVF Center in Southern California recently deployed the tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the Electronic Health Record System from the users’ perspective.
The Life IVF Center
The Life IVF Center provides Minimal Stimulation IVF, Natural Cycle IVF, and modified conventional IVF to women of all ages in Southern California. The mission of the center is to offer affordable, safe, gentle, and successful IVF options to all the clients who need fertility assistance (Life IVF Center, 2020). Since the needs of each client are different, IVF options conceptualization to match individual consumer needs. In this regard, the treatment protocol articulates the client’s medical history and fertility treatment objectives/targets. The center introduced the health information system in 2017 to streamline data collection to inform fertility reproduction options for each patient. At the end of the first year, the center conducted a companywide survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the system as well as technology acceptance.
The system administers in collaboration with a third-party consultant, distributed the questionnaires to 100 employees working at the center. The target population represented users of the Electronic Health Record system (Şeng

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