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Understanding Dyslecia Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Research paper on Dyslexia


Understanding Dyslexia
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Understanding Dyslexia
Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that causes reading difficulties as a result of problems in interpreting speech sounds and understanding how they correspond to words and letters (Mayo Clinic, 2017). These difficulties usually arise from a deficiency in the language’s phonological portion, which is often unforeseen in comparison to other mental skills and availability of quality training (Perlstein, 2018). Dyslexia, also known as reading disorder, affects regions of the brain that interpret language. Dyslexic people have average intellect and typically have normal vision. However, many people are not aware of this disorder and therefore have a poor understanding of it. This research paper aims to take a closer look at its causes, symptoms and management.
Causes of dyslexia
According to research, there are no sure reasons as to why specific individuals experience dyslexia. A genetic link appears to exist as dyslexia runs in families. Some studies have correlated variations in the DCDC2 gene with dyslexia and reading difficulties (Brazier, 2019). Although many cases of dyslexia are reported at birth, it may be acquired through an injury or stroke to the brain.
The primary language of a person can affect how he or she experiences the condition. For example, learning a language with strong links between the print text and its sounds and specific grammar rules may be more comfortable for a person with mild to moderate dyslexia. For a person with dyslexia, languages with words that have ambiguous links between their sounds and written forms can be more difficult.

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