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Weight Gain In Black African Caribbean Woman In UK Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


WEIGHT GAIN IN BLACK AFRICAN CARIBBEAN WOMAN IN THE UNITED KINGDOM; it is about the high prevalence of obesity among the African Caribbean women in united kingdom.


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Introduction. There has been an increased eight gain among Black African Caribbean women living in United Kingdom. The study establishes if there is any clear connection between weight gain and ethnic background among women aged above 18 years living in United Kingdom. There are many women in United Kingdom who suffer from excessive weight gain. From the health perspectives, it is clear that excessive weight gain is associated with metabolic syndrome that encompasses diabetes, hypertension and excess fat in systemic circulation and deposition of the bad cholesterol in organs such as the heart, kidney and the liver. The increased weight is linked with complex relations of variables influencing wellbeing in minority ethnic communities in United Kingdom. According to Patel et al. (2017 p18), there is insufficient data to explain the rate of prevalence in obesity among grown-ups from marginal ethnic people in United Kingdom. Data is exceptional for some small marginalized ethnic communities and only a few concrete examinations have concentrated on the individuals (Patel et al.2017 p 87). The increased weight gain among the women in United States prompted the research thesis to determine if there is any link of ethnicity to weight. Therefore, the research tries to analyse if there is any relationship between increased weight gain and the Black African Caribbean Women. The findings would form the basis of intervention in hereditary predilection to increased weight gain from the ethnic background. Despite the increased weight gain among the Black African Caribbean women, little is known if there is any link between ethnicity and weight gain. Most studies have been done on the major ethnic groups leaving gaps on other groups living in the country. The essay will be structured in chapters each discussing aspects of the research topic. The chapters will have subsections to dig deep in the content of the topic of discussion.
Chapter One:
The increased weight among the Black African Caribbean women is increasing at an alarming rate. According to Hilton et al. (2012) concerning general health movement, it is particularly significant for black African Caribbean women people in United Kingdom to know about the health risks of high basal metabolic index. According to Hilton et al. (2012 p70), the risks associated with increased weight is significant on the health status of an individual, for instance, cardiovascular ailment and type 2 diabetes varies by ethnic society (Hilton et al. 2012 p70). According to Chinouya &Madziva (2019 p11), numerous women from marginal Black African Caribbean ethnic societies are advantaged on diet than the White population. However, study done by Adegboye et al (2020 p 86) showed that weight control plans and low degrees of substantial action are recognized to be of worry in some marginal ethnic societies, inclusive of Black African Caribbean group (Adegboye et al. 2020, p.98). Individuals from marginal ethnic gatherings in the United Kingdom regularly have inferior financial class, which is partly associated with risk of weight gain in women (Adegboye et al. 2020 p 99). The research aimed at testing if there is any relationship between weight gain and the Black African Caribbean race in UK (Adegboye et al.2020 p99). The most common group of individuals who had the related diseases such as Diabetes and hypertension in the clinic were observed to originate from that ethnic background. According to Patel et al. (2017 p90) the authenticity of making use of existing meaningful conclusions from the bearing and relationship of weight gain for non-white ethnic is lacking in most studies done in the UK. Various ethnic communities have some genetic factors that may predispose them to lifestyle diseases such as obesity and overweight, the precursor of most cases of type 2 diabetes mellitus (Gu et al. 2017 p65). Body Mass Index (BMI) procedures have been used extensively in defining the cases of normal, overweight and obesity. It involves dividing the weight of an individual with height squared (Gu et al. 2017 p32). The BMI has been applied on the Black African Caribbean populations who are at higher risk of weight gain due to the genetic predisposition among the said population. Excessive weight gain is a public health concerns due to lifelong health costs that individual will incur to manage the conditions arising from the disorder. The health concerns include diabetes, hypertension, metabolic disorder and organ failures such as the heart, brain, kidney and the liver. The most important public health concern associated with the overweight is the premature death that occurs among the overweight. It is attributed to organ failures as a result of deposition of cholesterol on the organ. Multiple organ failure leads to death that results to high mortality in predisposed individual.
Weight gain has been on the rise among the Black African Caribbean people living in the United Kingdom hence the need to establish if there is any link between the gene and increased in weight. More commonly, the disease is associated with development of diabetes and hypertension which significantly cause morbidity and mortality among the women (Andrews, 2017 p40). Therefore, the complications that arise from overweight and obesity are critical in evaluating if there is a link between the ethnicity and the development of the obesity among these women. Moreover, the premature deaths that results from increased weight is a public concern. First, it reduces the productive years of an individual and therefore impacting negatively to the development of the economy. Secondly, the youths who are energetic and productive will spend time taking care of the elderly obese individual at the expense of working. The result is low productivity at an individual, society and nation level. Studies conducted by Arora et al (2013 p18) showed that the results would be significant in planning the modalities of weight reduction to avoid the risk of becoming diabetic or hypertensive. The key features of the participants involved were observed (white person, African Caribbean, African, Bangladeshi, Indian, Chinese, Pakistani,) and the greater part British/Irish white racial group.

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