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Lifestyle Intervention Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Lifestyle Intervention


Lifestyle Intervention
Lifestyle Intervention
Lifestyle intervention is a therapeutic approach used in the treatment of women with gestational diabetes mellitus, which is the degree of glucose intolerance among pregnant woman. Although available literature on GDM and lifestyle interventions are limited, there are existing research studies like the one conducted by University of Hawaii Cancer Center and Gynecology, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Santa Clara, California in which 197 pregnant women took part in the study. The research showed promising results and proved that lifestyle interventions are of value in managing gestational diabetes. The literature analysis will discuss the research, findings, and significance of lifestyle intervention as an approach for treating women with gestational diabetes.
Discussion of Research Performed
The research aimed at looking into evidence of GDM intervention, and how it was successful in terms of promoting glucose levels in the blood to be healthy, moreover, how the intervention reduced adverse outcomes during pregnancy such as macrosomia and stillbirth (Ferrara et al., 2011). In the research, a randomized controlled trial carried out whereby the pregnant women who consented to participate in the research study were randomly placed to the lifestyle intervention condition.

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