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Role of the Nurse in Healthcare Education and Prevention of Cancer (Essay Sample)


Role of the Nurse in Healthcare Education and Prevention of Cancer


Role of the Nurse in Healthcare Education and Prevention of Cancer
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Role of the Nurse in Healthcare Education and Prevention of Cancer
Nurses play a vital role to eliminate the menace of cancer from society by discharging their duties with utmost care and prudence. They also educate patients about different strategies and prevention tactics in order to avert the risk of cancer. In this regard, oncology nurses put forth efforts to spread the word of cancer prevention programs. They attract people towards disease prevention programs so that people can abandon risky habits, which might lead them to cancer diagnoses (Benito et al., 2014).
Nurses, in this regard, go beyond their expertise in educating people on the cancer prevention methodology. Oncology nurses are willing to work directly with patients and communicate important information related to cancer prevention programs and other necessary measures, which must be taken by patients so as to mitigate the risk element of cancer. On the other hand, nurses ensure access to valuable and relevant educational material to the patient and act as a link between the care team and the cancer patient. Moreover, they build a strong working relationship in association with various healthcare agencies so that the education on cancer prevention programs can be disseminated in community at sweeping (Reigle, Campbell, & Murphy, 2017).

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