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Dental Surgery Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Talking about dental surgery


Dental Surgery
Institutional Affiliation
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Dental Surgery
The course that I have chosen is Dental surgery. This course is any of a number of medical procedures that will involve the artificial modification of dentition; jaws bones, gums or surgery of the teeth. I have been interested in this course because it is more of a practical course and well, I have been more of a practical person myself. This course also provide for my social interests whereby I work to help people of the society and promote personal development and learning as well.
Education and Training
The course just like any other health science course is widely offered in the country given that one has met all the cut off points required. The needed subjects needed for one to sign up for this course is Biology and Chemistry. The course leading to the degree is offered in both full time and part time and the duration will be vary accordingly. The total duration of study is not more than ten years and not less than five years as well having one academic year being 36 weeks out of the 52 weeks in a year. All the courses for the Bachelor Degree are compulsory except in the case of credit transfer. The degree program of dental surgery shall be by clinical work, course work, tutorials , practical, seminars , project research and even e-learning in some units of the course. Upon completion of the course, it is an added advantage if an individual has professional certification before searching for employment.

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