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Developing Cardiorespiratory Fitness Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Developing Cardiorespiratory Fitness as a course activity.
The sample illustrates an example of a “personalized fitness program” by considering an individual’s current activity status and desired outcomes. Cardiorespiratory endurance.


Developing Cardiorespiratory Fitness
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Developing Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Fitness Activity Worksheet –Developing Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Student’s Name:
Fitness Activities:
Determine Target Heart Rate
Calculating resting heart rate:
Carotid Pulse CountHeart Rate (bpm)Radial Pulse CountHeart Rate (bpm)15 seconds x 41815 seconds x 41830 seconds x 23630 seconds x 23660 seconds x 17260 seconds x 172
Part 1. The radial pulse is the easiest to locate when compared to the carotid pulse.
Part 2. It is easier to use the radial pulse rate while exercising because you can use a smart watch or heart monitor device to easily determine your heart rate (Powers & Dodd, 2017). Taking a pulse reading from the neck is relatively uncomfortable in a state of exhaustion such as during an exercising session. The wrist bones make it easy to feel for the radial artery pulsating under the skin. However, the carotid pulse location requires one to place a bit of pressure on the neck tissues which is uncomfortable.
Calculating Target Heart Rate:

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