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Diabetes Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


I was to show why the current diagnosis procedure of diabetes is not the best.


Fasting blood sugar levels should be used as a test before a diagnosis of diabetes is made. Diabetes is one of the non communicable diseases with high prevalence in Australia Hill, K.(2007). Type 2 diabetes is the most common form with ist having a late onset period; that is from 35 years and above. Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed in childhood and therefore is not of concern in this report. This report is going to focus on the current diabetes diagnosis protocols and their short comings and explain with evidence why fasting blood sugar levels should be included in the diagnosis protocol of diabetes.
The current diagnosis of diabetes is based on the random blood sugar levels of the patient. Once any patient walks into a hospital with symptoms of diabetes such as polyuria, polydypsia, and weight loss, current guidelines instruct that a random blood sugar test should be carried out. Once the results show the levels being outside the normal ranges of =, a diagnosis of diabetes can be made. Other tests such as glucose levels may or may not follow because regardless of them, the patient will be put on anti diabetic medication.

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