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Different Types of Dwarfism in Pediatrics (Essay Sample)


150 words
Use appropriate sources, no specific sources were provided
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United States
Topic: Dwarfism in pediatrics/infancy
Different types of dwarfism examples:
Primordial dwarfism, Meier-Gorlin Syndrome, Russell-Silver Syndrome,
Seckel Syndrome
Research/teaching Paper must include information about the topic in regards to dwarfism in Pedi/infants, birth, growth, and development.
All work cited and references from nursing journals. Articles needed also


Dwarfism in Pediatric
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Dwarfism is having a short stature whereby children with dwarfism have a lower height than other children of the same age. The types of dwarfism are primordial, achondroplasia, and spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia (SED). Primordial dwarfism has other types such as Russell-Silver Syndrome (RSS), Meier-Gorlin syndrome, and seckel syndrome (SS). The general characteristics of primordial dwarfism are slowed head growth as compared to other parts of the body, shorter arms and legs, loose joints of the elbow hips and knee increasing risk of dislocation, and a high voice. Achodroplasia has symptoms like are bowed legs, small fingers, protruding jaw, and a large head. Pseudochoplasia is noticed after 2 years and has symptoms like irregularities in the hip and bones and S-shaped spine. Children with Seckel Syndrome have a slowed growth rate after birth although their stature is proportional and their stature is tiny. The severity of dwarfism depends on the type and individual. People with dwarfism live just like other people if there are no complications. 
Key words; Dwarfism, pseudochoplasia, sickle syndrome, primordial, Meier-Gorlin syndrome, and Achodroplasia.
Types of Dwarfism in Pediatric
Dwarfism in pediatric is a rare condition caused by genetic mutations, growth hormones, and other factors that are not clinically known. In other cases, dwarfism is inherited from parents and is usually present at the birth of a newborn baby. Dwarfism is having a short stature where children with dwarfism have a lower height than other children of the same age. There are different types of dwarfism which are primordial, achondroplasia, and spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia (SED).
Primordial dwarfism
Primordial dwarfism is a type of dwarfism that affects human development as early as well the baby is being formed in the womb. It is detectable from 13 weeks of gestation because babies with this type of dwarfism have retardation of the uterine growth. Therefore, the scans show that the fetus's growth is abnormal and gets worse even as the pregnancy proceeds. Children born with primordial dwarfism usually have

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