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Effects of Hypertension and Ace Inhibitors. Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was the effects of hypertension and ace inhibitors. the sample was about the impact of hypertension in the body especially on the blood vessels. moreover, the sample discussed the effects of ace inhibitors as a medication for hypertension.


Effects of Hypertension and Ace Inhibitors
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Effects of Hypertension and Ace Inhibitors
Hypertension is a condition in which blood exerts an extensive and long-term force on the blood vessel walls which is high enough to cause health problems, whereas ACE inhibitor is a medication that inhibits the production of Angiotensin II responsible for hypertension cases. Therefore, for effective control high blood pressure, physicians need to understand the pharmacodynamics, kinetics of ACE inhibitors as well as the pharmacological treatment options for hypertension.
Ace inhibitors also known as angiotensin converting enzyme are a novel class of anticognitive and antihypersentive heart failure agents with broad physician and patient acceptability (Haschke et al., 2013). Minimizing angiotension II production in blood vessels results in lower blood pressure and it maintains the perfusion of vital organs such as the heart (Haschke et al., 2013). 

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