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Electronic Health Records: Benefits and Functions (Essay Sample)


This assignment is taken from Toni Hebda and Patricia Czar, Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals. Based on your readings and other literature that you find helpful, please prepare a paper that includes the following:
1. Brief introductory paragraph which should contain a little background information and end with a purpose statement (The purpose of this paper is to…).
2. Discuss the history of the electronic health record.
3. Locate and briefly summarize one general benefit of the EHR and one healthcare provider benefit of the EHR. Use evidence to support your summary.
4. Locate and briefly summarize one required function for certified EHRs. Discuss why you believe this function is necessary. Use evidence to support your summary.


Electronic Health Records
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Electronic Health Records, also known as Electronic Media Records, is a comprehensive system that uses electronic devices to collect and stores patients' and the whole population's health details. It allows healthcare officials to access and distribute data across their networks (Kim et al., 2019). Usually, this helps simplify operations in the healthcare sector and prevents data loss. The device securely keeps data and always ensures that data is only made available to authorized users. The electronic health records system goes beyond collections of treatment records and client information. It can capture details like medical history, patient demography, immunization, radiology reports, critical signs, and laboratory reports (Kim et al., 2019). Capturing such details enhances work efficiency through data access automation. The electronic health records system makes acquiring patients' medical records easier than other essential records. Collectively, the electronic health records capture the patient's treatment details, which consequently helps the medical attendants have a greater understanding of how to manage specific forms of complications as per past experiences. Adverse effects can also be associated with electronic health records; one of the main challenges attributed to Electronic Health Records arises during the execution of the system (Kim et al., 2019). However, most researchers agree that with effective execution and the correct use of the system, electronic health records can help generate a lot of benefits. This assignment discusses the history of electronic health records, their benefits, and the function of certified 

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