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Evaluating the Workplace Violence in the Emergency Department (Essay Sample)


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Professional Issues Paper: A well-organized, professionally written, and typed paper will be presented by each individual on a professional issue in nursing practice. The subject matter of the paper is to follow a current issue in nursing practice that has been recently debated on, e.g. old issue 12 hours vs. 8 hour shifts; newer issue - delegation of unlicensed personnel - who is ultimately responsible? The topic of the debate should be no more than 2-3 typed pages double spaced, no abstract required, but must have cover page and reference page. APA format is required. The criteria for the evaluation of the professional issues paper is located in your syllabus.
I have also attached a sample paper. Read the sample carefully, how it's being argued and the quality and write your debate using the clients topic on the subject of this email


Workplace violence in the emergency department
Workplace violence (WPV) is the act of violence, intimidation, harassment, or any other disruptive behavior on a worksite causing physical or emotional harm (Stene, Larson, Levy, and Dohlman, 2015). In health care, patients and health officers such as nurses are at high risk of work places. There are many cases of WPV though the more significant percent is not reported. It is due to the perception of the health workers as a norm and fear of response they may receive when reported.
Emergency nurses association (ENA) presented workplace violence as a severe hazard to emergency nurses. However, a study from registered nurses and licensed traction are showed that some of the reasons causing violence at emergency could be significantly prevented. The emergency department is highly accessible throughout the clock, therefore, making it more vulnerable. Even though the emergency area has been risky, the lack of well-trained personnel has also contributed to workplace violence. Visitors are coming to see their patients mainly trigger violence due to stress, pain, lack of privacy, and long waiting time. Anxiety and fear of mental illness can also create a volatile environment within the emergency department.

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