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Healthcare Information Standards Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


explaining the adequacy of Healthcare Information Standards


Healthcare Information Standards
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Healthcare Information Standards
Just like other establishments, healthcare organizations interchange data according to a set of standards. The standards entail agreed-upon modes of connecting systems together. Therefore, the standards could pertain to data transport, code meanings, security, and data structure (Wager et al., 2017).
Current Healthcare Information Standards Adequacy
I think that the current healthcare information standards are not adequate. This is because, in as much as the information needed for clinical care, patient safety, and quality improvement is located in computers, there is yet no proper means to transfer the information economically and quickly from one computer to another. The main challenge to achieving this capacity of data transfer is the haphazard adoption of data standards for arranging, representing, and encoding healthcare information to ensure it is understood and accepted by the receiving systems (Husereau et al., 2013).
The lack of common data standards in healthcare organizations has made it difficult to share data between commercial clinical laboratories and healthcare establishments, between healthcare facilities and healthcare providers, and between pharmacies and healthcare workers concerning recommendations (Husereau et al., 2013). Additionally, inadequate data standards have prevented healthcare information from being reused to meet the wide range of quality reporting requirements and patient safety. Therefore, inappropriate data standards show that representing information for any requirements displays the amount of unnecessary work in healthcare and regulatory organizations to prepare and transmit custom reports.

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