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The Hippocratic Oath in Medicine (Essay Sample)


Should we swear the Hippocratic Oath Today? Medicine is the one field of knowledge and practice which has required those who practice it to swear an oath that they will abide by its principles, since antiquity. This oath can be considered as “a rite of passage” distinguishing the medical practitioners from all the other arts and sciences in antiquity. Read the article by Peter Tysonwhich also contains copies of the ancient original of the Hippocratic Oath and its modern version. Based on the principles, shared by the ancient and the modern version, do you think the medical field should continue requiring the oath? In your answer, please address the following mini-questions. Do you think the oath serves only a ceremonial purpose, as some of the medical practitioners, as mentioned by the article, think? If yes, why. If no, why not? Is there anything else the modern version of the Hippocratic Oath should contain?


The Hippocratic Oath
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The Hippocratic Oath
The Hippocratic Oath is the most well-known statement in Western medicine, and it serves as the medical profession's ethical foundation. It has served as a guide to the ideals of this noble vocation and the professional conduct of doctors for generations (Tyson, 2001). At the beginning of a new age in medicine, it is time to revise the Oath to reflect the current level of technical progress, changes in social structures, and the needs of the twenty-first century in general. 

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