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The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health: A Dialectical Analysis (Essay Sample)


The task and sample provided were about writing an essay that explores the relationship between social media and mental health. The introduction highlights the significant changes brought about by social media in terms of communication, information sharing, and social connections. However, it also acknowledges the concerns surrounding the impact of social media on mental health, such as the obsessive pursuit of likes, the curation of perfect portrayals of life, and exposure to negative situations like cyberbullying.


The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health: A Dialectical Analysis
The growth of social media has brought about significant changes in how individuals communicate with one another share information and connect over great geographical distances. Despite the many opportunities for social connection, self expression, and access to valuable resources that social media platforms offer. Concerns regarding their impact on mental health have arisen. These concerns revolve around issues such as obsessive pursuit of likes. Curation of perfect life portrayal which increases self isolation . And exposure to negative situations such as cyberbullying. Sufficient motivation exists for addressing these problems since multiple studies associate excessive useof social networking sites with low self esteem levels along with increased anxiety and depression (Bettmann et al.,2021). This essay aims to showcase the intricate dynamic combinations between mental well being and using social media by applying dialectical analysis. Employing this approach will involve analyzing contradictory aspects arising from an interaction between both entities while considering appropriate resolution methodologies which view opposing forces coming together. The result is transforming action from day one towards sustained change in all areas.
Section 1: Description of the social issue and why it is important
Social media's impact on mental health has become a massive concern in contemporary society needing urgent attention. Social media platforms have opened doors for improved communication providing individuals unprecedented opportunities for connectivity,self-expression and access to information(Bessarab et al., 2021). Despite these benefits emerging concerns indicate its effect on peoples’ psychological welfare: depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem percentages are on the rise for extensive users (Bettmann et al., 2021).
The significant influence of what users see can lead to feeling inadequate or perceiving an altered worldview based on other people's idealized portrayal. Besides, the addictive nature of social media tends to disrupt sleep patterns while increasing loneliness. This social issue affects most people worldwide where billions are regular users, and young individuals appear more vulnerable to mental health struggles (Yazdavar et al., 2020). This issue is crucial as we need to tailor solutions that promote well-being through developing healthy personal interactions amongst platform users fostering good mental health outcomes.
Section 2: Explanation of Dialectical Analysis
The concept of dialectics was introduced by philosophers like Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx to emphasize societys' dynamic aspects characterized primarily by conflicts among various elements (Napoletano, 2022). This approach highlights that societies are never static as there are constant interactions going on between its different components

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