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Infection Control In The Geriatric Care Setting Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was to discuss the Infection control in the Geriatric care setting.


Infection Control in Geriatric Care Setting
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Geriatrics is the branch of healthcare that mainly deals with psychological, physiological, pathological and sociological issues. In America today, health care facilities are delivered in hospitals or nursing homes, outpatient settings, homes, rehabilitation, and subacute care. Older adults with a severe increase in illness, good measures are taken to reduce their health care cost by reducing the frequent number of hospitalizing them, also the shorter lengths of their stay in nursing homes. Infections in nursing homes increase the mortality and frequency rate at which a disease appears in a population. This shows that additional cost is generated for the services and facilities in hospitals. Older adults are subjected to several care states in which they can be transmitted either from home to care hospital, hospital to a nursing home or hospital to a rehabilitation center. The factor considered here for the section to be the adult to be taken focuses on the infection control issues the adults have in various health care settings (Mody, 2007). Recently investigations for controlling the infections are carried out in America, which is Society Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) that came up with a supportive program for resistant pathogens. It suggested that patient with these pathogens to be subjected under surveillance conditions (Stelfox HT, Bates DW, Redelmeier DA, 2003). Although this isolation practices of these old adults are viewed as causing harm to them. This is to prevent the transmission of organisms to other people. Thesis statement: Infection control in the Geriatric care setting.

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