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PUBLIC HEALTH PH 103- INTRO HEALTH POLICY. Health, Medicine, Nursing (Essay Sample)


Answer the following questions on the Power to Heal assignment discussion board,
1) Segregation in healthcare is described in the film as a form of institutional racism. Define
institutional racism. In what ways was this true? How did healthcare segregation and “living
separate but equal” make some individuals sicker than others? Use specific examples from the
2) Do you think that the federal withholding of Medicare funds was the best way to halt
healthcare segregation and get hospitals to be in compliance with the new laws? Why or why
3) Hospitals resisting change is not an uncommon theme. Can you describe another period of
time, when people had a difficult time adjusting to large, systemic change as it related to
healthcare? Be specific and detailed in your answers.


Public Health PH 103- Intro Health Policy
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Public Health PH 103- Intro Health Policy
Question One
Institutional racism refers to prejudice webbed as a standard practice in a society or organization leading to institutional discrimination such as in the political arena, criminal justice, healthcare as well as education, among others. It is also called systematic racism, where people are treated or discriminated based on their color or race (Blair et al., 2015). The video “Power to Heal” practically illustrates how the African-Americans were segregated in the healthcare systems. The patients with various conditions such as cancer were mixed with sick children in one ward. This is how worse institutional segregation was in the healthcare system, and this contributed to worse scenarios of patients. While others were, able to recover others took too long to get well because of indiscriminate medical attention. Separation of the patients showed shocking inequalities in medical care towards the African Americans, and people were dying at a high rate. Therefore, from the video, separation and equality were superficially defined but deep down the system was highly discriminative. The situation contributed to more suffering of African-American patients compared to other races who were given high-quality healthcare services. 
Question Two
Federal withholding the Medicare funds was the best approach to stop healthcare prejudice and compel hospitals to comply with the new legislation of equity in healthcare access. It happened between 1960 and 1964 (Yearby, 2015). 

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