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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Lessons Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic (Essay Sample)


lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations for how to prepare for and respond to future pandemics. The document includes references to research studies and emphasizes the importance of relying on scientific facts, prioritizing mental health support, protecting vulnerable populations, improving communication, utilizing technology, and investing in public health infrastructure.


Argumentative Essay on COVID-19
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Argumentative Essay on COVID-19
Millions of individuals worldwide have been impacted by the unprecedented public health disaster known as COVID-19. Public health, social, and economic systems have all suffered significant harm from the virus, which has also interfered with daily living. It is crucial to think back on what we have learned and what we can do differently in the event of another COVID-19 epidemic as the globe starts to recover from this pandemic. With regard to the recent pandemic, this essay will examine what we should keep doing the same and what we should change.
Making investments in public health infrastructure is one of the things we should continue to do in the event of another COVID-19 outbreak. Significant infrastructure inadequacies in public health have been revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in developing nations. Investing in public health infrastructure is crucial to prepare for any upcoming pandemic. Mortality due to COVID-19 has varied across the states of India. We exploit this history to investigate the possible role of health policy in the outcome. Using three different measures of the death rate, we find to a varying degree, evidence that the level of public expenditure on health has made a difference to the state-wise mortality rate. Based on this, we proceeded to analyse the expenditure pattern in the states. The average level of expenditure on health is found to be low both of itself and in relation to spending by governments in South and Southeast Asia. In much of the territory of India spending on the police exceeds that of spending on health. Furthermore, richer states spend relatively less on it, implying that spending on health is a matter of choice for states rather than dictated by financial constraints. Two conclusions follow. First, some of the mortality from COVID-19 is policy induced, and therefore was avoidable. Second, though the evidence is drawn from the experience with COVID-19, we may assume that assuring health security to the Indian population would require a radical restructuring of the spending priorities of the 

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