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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Nursing Case Analysis: Nursing Theories and Principles (Essay Sample)


THIS TASK IS BASED ON A GIVEN nursing CASE ANALYSIS WHICH IS ABOUT PRESCRIBED OPIOIDS FOR CHRONIC PAIN. THE ANALYSIS IS BASED ON THE APPLICATION OF SOME NURSING THEORIES AND PRINCIPLES IN DIFFERENT SITUATIONS. First, iT eNTAILS definITION OF the ethical theories and principles uSED TO guide THE discussion to the case at hand. The questions ANSWERED pertain to legal issues or governmental or institutional policies that are not open to discussion.


Nursing Case Analysis
Student’s Name
Due Date
* Introduction
* Ethical Theories and Principles and Their Application in the Case Analysis
* Conclusion
Nursing Case Analysis
Morality is a code of behavior that everyone who meets specific intellectual and volitional prerequisites, nearly always involving the ability to reason, would accept. What is morally right or wrong is how one defines right and wrong. These requirements may rise and fall over time. It is excellent, but individuals only sometimes live up to their standards, which lowers them. For example, one chooses to help or not aid people in terms of standards they select if it is right or bad. This paper is therefore intended to explore morality in relation to Joan’s case based on different ethical theories such as utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics, and ethics based on rights.
Ethical Theories and Principles and Their Application in the Case Analysis
The moral standards that individuals and organizations employ to inform their decision-making are referred to as ethical theories and principles. In addition to a grasp of human nature and the effects of particular behaviors, these theories and principles are based on philosophical, theological, and legal traditions. The theories

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