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The Life of Working as a Doctor (Essay Sample)


Please write a 550 words essay on the following topic:
Address students who are interested in becoming a doctor. Explain why some of them should choose a different career. What are the qualities a person needs to be a doctor? What should their motivation be? Why should someone not become a physician?


Working as a Doctor
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Working as a Doctor
Motivation to pursue a particular career varies depending on numerous factors. People’s perspectives about life, passion, and getting an exciting career are chief considerations. At a young age, people usually choose to become a doctor due to the reputation given to health practitioners. It is undeniably among the most reputable careers if someone is passionate enough about what the profession entails. Growing into the profession brings out a different image. Becoming a doctor might turn out to be a stressful career. A glance of qualities and motivation needed to be a doctor and why a person should consider a different career can help understand the profession in more detail.
On the qualities that a person needs to be a doctor, empathy is imperative. Without empathy, a doctor cannot understand and respond to patient needs as the profession requires. Empathy is the cornerstone of compassionate care and has two distinct components- affection and cognition (Sinclair et al., 2017). The affective aspect is a doctor’s ability to feel others’ emotions. The cognitive part is to understand those emotions. A doctor should be honest. They must tell patients the truth even if it upsets patients or makes them lose hope. Above all, motivation should be intrinsic and supplemented by competence. It is not a trial and error profession, implying that a doctor must be naturally attracted to the profession and committed to delivering excellence always. With these qualities, a person cannot fail as a doctor.

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