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Patient Safety and Quality Care. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


For This Assessment, You Will Develop A 2.5 Page Paper That Examines A Safety Quality Issue In A Health Care Setting. You Will Analyze the Issue And Examine Potential Evidence-Based And Best-Practice Solutions From The Literature As Well As The Role


Patient Safety and Quality Care
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Patient Safety and Quality Care
Improved quality of care and patient safety has emerged to be priority issues in healthcare systems around the world. Patient safety, as a healthcare discipline, arose due to the emerging complexity in healthcare provision and the resulting rise of medical errors in healthcare facilities. The discipline aims to reduce and prevent harm, risks, and errors that occur to patients in the process of healthcare provision. It is estimated that one in every ten patients is harmed in the process of receiving patient care in high-income countries (Banja, 2019). Hand hygiene is one of the patient safety concerns that are vital in the provision of quality healthcare services.
Non-compliance to proper hand hygiene is directly linked to several infections and deaths. Improper protocols such as poor hand hygiene practices or failure to wear sterile gloves while conducting knee injections may lead to spread of staphylococcus aureus infections in hospitals (Astagneau et al., 2017). It is, therefore, clear that many infections can be prevented just by observing proper hand hygiene. It is crucial to observe interventions that can raise hand hygiene compliance. Some of these interventions include installations of adequate and strategic hand washing stations, use of wall installed signs, and continuous education and sensitization among hospital staff, patients, and visitors.

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