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Research on Treatment of Cancer Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


find a journal article that has conducted promising recent research on cutting-edge ways in which to effectively treat or cure cancer (It can be any type of cancer). This may be related to genetic modification, latest cancer detection methods, or perhaps natural or alternative methods. After you have found your article, write a 2 page summary of the research detailing these new methods or treatments. If this is from a study, please include the details and methods of the study. If its a general article you can summarize it. The paper needs to be double-spaced, 12 font. Please include a reference page.


Research on Treatment of Cancer
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According to Basse & Arock (2015), the occurrence of cancer is not only governed by genetic defect consequences but also epigenetic modifications. Epigenetic modification is the current intervention method used in treatment and prevention of neoplasia in case of breast cancer (BC). This paper will use Basse & Arock (2015) literature to discuss epigenetic modification as a promising new method used in the prevention, treatment, follow-up and prognostication of breast cancer.
Epigenetic Modification
Drawing from Basse & Arock (2015) work, the major epigenetic modifications that are associated with the prevention and treatment of breast cancer are post-translational modifications of miRNA and histones as well as DNA methylation. CpG islands DNA methylation is one of the epigenetic modifications that is commonly researched and Basse & Arock (2015) explains that CpG islands are usually nonmethylated and hence they allow gene expression and transcription to occur. However, CpG islands are hypermethylated in cancer cells; 

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