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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Personal Philosophy in Nursing (Essay Sample)


This was an amazing paper. the professor's instructions read that the paper should be written out the student's personnal understanding, believes, and opinions. The student was to explain who he/she was, their institution of learning, and generally everything they know and believ in when it comes to nursing.


Personal philosophy of nursing
Introduction that includes who you are and where you practice nursing
I am now registered in school, at KMTC as a scholar with great incentive and desire to practice nursing for a career. I am not currently a nurse practitioner, but I usually take part in applied class tasks involving nursing. As an ambitious nurse, I get my inspiration from the present health conditions in society, whereby, many individuals are in dire need of medical attention as they suffer from the absence of attention caused by lack of sufficient medical personnel. My desire to work as a practicing has been caused by an observed great difference between the number of nurses and the number of patients in society.
Definition of nursing
Nursing, a career involving both a science and an art; a mind and a heart, is in the health care sector and focuses caring people, families, and even communities to help them recover, and maintain optimum health and eminence of life. It is a career that fundamentally respects human dignity, and intuits the needs of a patient. This is supported by the brain, after hard essential education, which creates a huge range of specialization and multifaceted skills, equipping each nurse with different strengths, expertise, and passions. Nurses ensure that all patients receive health care to the best possible level, regardless of where they are from, or who they are. This is according to their judgment on data according to their experience of both the patients' behavioral, physical, and biological needs. There are several types of nursing, with different roles and responsibilities. One of them is the registered nurses, who give health promotions, educate, and counsel the patients. They also do some physical examinations, and trace health histories of the patients, before making critical decisions, among other responsibilities. The second group is the advanced practice registered nurses, who can prescribe medication, diagnose, and make minor sicknesses treatment and injuries. They also among other responsibilities, handle a wide range of physical and mental health problems. Licensed practical nurses are another nursing group, which check vivacious signs and look for signs that health is worsening or improving. They also feed the patients and ensure that they are well hydrated and comfortable, among other roles.
Assumptions or underlying beliefs
Some several beliefs and assumptions influence the perception and performance of a nurse. These beliefs and assumptions direct care on a day-to-day basis in a highly meaningful way. One of the beliefs is that as a nurse, you should provide comfort, to both the patient and their family members. This makes a nurse to do counseling and health promotion to both the patient, and their family members. Another belief is that a quiet environment is a god environment for every patient. This might not be the truth to all patients, with some of them quiet environment creating depression. There is also another common belief in nursing, that the patient's experiences influence their understandings of health. This makes nurses to work with keen observation of any behavior or understanding related to the health history of

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